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'DreamDTH Explains: A guide to devotional, music and youth channels in India'

None of the devotional channels are from major national broadcasters. Most big networks have also been exiting the music/youth space, with some exceptions recently like Vijay Takkar and Bindass.

'Those Criticising Hinduism Shouldn't Seek Hindu Votes: BJP K'taka Chief'

Karnataka BJP President Nalin Kumar Kateel said on Tuesday that those who criticise Hindu religion and say the word 'Hindu' has a different meaning, should say that they don't want Hindu votes.

'Top news of the day: Chief Economic Advisor talks of dismantling ‘LIC’ to boost GDP; Adani FPO fully subscribed, and more'

IMF retains growth projections for India; economy expected to slowdown to 6.1% in 2023 from 6.8% in 2022 The IMF has released the January update of its World Economic Outlook, according to which the ...

'Ram Temple: What is Shaligram Stone? Know religious significance here'

Shaligram Stone is a fossilised ammonite, a type of mollusk that lived millions of years ago. It is found in the sacred rivers of the Himalayas, particularly the Gandaki River in Nepal. The stone is ...

'How Godse gave Gandhi and Nehru what they wanted — and hurt Hindu interest forever'

Mahatma Gandhi believed he would die a violent death. He expressed this sentiment in several of his writings. Even his old comrade, Henry Polak — as biographer Ramachandra Guha records in Gandhi: The ...

'RSS leader calls for Hindu unification'

Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat was in Manipal on Sunday where he inaugurated a religious event conducted at the Shivapady Sri Umamaheshwara Temple.

'Rahul Gandhi speaks of Shunyata, Fanaa in Srinagar'

By his philosophical discourse, Congress leader attempts to hit at the core strength of the RSS-BJP, which is the Hindu majoritarian belief that they represent their religious interest ...

'Unity of Hindus is the answer to everything: Dr Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat'

Manipal: Attempts to portray ‘Homa and Havan’ rituals as superstitions are still going on today. Hindus should unite by forgetting the caste, creed, and regional differences for countering ...

'Hinduism seeks peace: RSS leader'

Bhat said though several invaders tried to destroy Hindu temples, Hinduism sustained all the onslaughts. There is a systematic attempt to paint Hinduism in poor light even now, he said.

'‘Futile attempt to project Hinduism as anti-secular’'

RSS leader Kalladkka Prabhakar Bhat said that the belief systems of Hindus were wrongly depicted as superstitious in the past and some are continuing with that ...

'Girls raped, face life of sexual exploitation after dedication to Hindu goddess'

An Indian woman described how she was routinely sexually assaulted as part of a socially accepted Hindu practice called Devadasi, which involves parents coercing their young daughters into an ...

'Indian girls dedicated to Hindu goddess endure life of sexual exploitation'

A women who was dedicated to a goddess in the south Indian state of Karnataka shares in a media interview that she was used as a sex slave thanks to a persistent practice, called Devadasi, which ...

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