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'Five Hindu ways of life world needs to learn for peace, prosperity and happiness'

There are several Hindu principles which the world has adopted from Hinduism and there are many which the world needs to adopt so as to make it a better place to live ...

'Mumbai University to offer 2-year MA in Hindu Studies soon'

Mumbai University sets up Centre for Hindu Studies which will also offer allied certificates, diploma courses and PhD programmes as well ...

'Dharma Files | Understanding Islam in the light of Hinduism'

Muslim relations. It has been said, however, that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. For often a crisis also brings a great opportunity in its wake. Perhaps this moment of crisis in Hindu-Muslim ...

'Bulldozing Muslims' property not Hindutva: Vaghela'

Former Swayam Sevak and Jan Sangh activist, and a BJP founder-member, veteran political leader Sankersinh Vaghela said that unleashing violence against Muslims or bulldozing property owned by ...

'Ranbir Kapoor's 'Shamshera' Accused Of Hurting Hindu Sentiments; People Call For Boycott'

Sanjay Dutt's look in Shamshera sporting saffron tilak has led to calls for boycott of the Ranbir Kapoor starrer movie. The film has been accused of hurting Hindu sentiments for showing a villain ...

'US Envoy Raises Concern About Attacks Against Hindus, Sikhs in Afghanistan'

US Special Envoy Rina Amiri has raised concerns about the escalating attacks against Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan. This comes in the wake of the Islamic State attack on Karte Parwan Gurdwara in ...

'America’s religious communities are divided over the issue of abortion: 5 essential reads'

Scholars explain why many see abortion access as a religious freedom issue and what the views of different faiths are on ‘ensoulment,’ the point at which the soul is believed to enter the fetus.

'New World Record Set by Nithyananda Yogis on the International Day of Yoga 2022'

On the International Day of Yoga, KAILASA® has introduced the second level of advanced sequences in the Nithyananda Yoga Paddhatti – namely Dwithiya Vinyaasa Krama, a set of 308 asanas (postures). LOS ...

'In the UN, India Warns Against Ignoring Hate Aimed at Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism'

Rejecting the Organization for Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) criticism as “divisive,” India has said that efforts to combat religiophobia will not succeed if the rising hatred against Hinduism, Sikhism ...

'Even if a Hindu nation is created, will it remain so: Gehlot'

He questioned if India becomes Hindu Nation, will it remain so? He also alleged that the saffron party never embraced SC/ST communities but today they are doing that saying that they are Hindus.

'What Does Spiritual Diversity Mean in Contemporary Art?'

In From Confucius to Christ, artists from around the world touch on notions of wisdom and insecurity in Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity.

'Places of Worship: Ellora Caves'

A brief history of the Ellora Caves in India, one of the largest temple complexes in the world made out of volanic rock in the 7th century.

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