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Selected News Stories - There is a mirror inside you which reflects and reveals the truth. It is your true inner guru, inner truth, inner voice and inner guide. - Buddhiyoga is the practice of stabilizing the intelligence in the contemplation of God or Supreme Self. - Walking meditation reflects the Buddha’s injunction to practice mindfulness while in all the four postures, and in all the activities of our lives. - How to practice death contemplation, which is neither an exercise in morbidity nor a dwelling on the unhappy side of life. - For years the YouTube algorithm has favored White yoga instructors, and South Asians are working to have their voices heard.

Tweeted by @heelsonthefield - Bali sans tourists: Once an unfathomable concept, now the stark pandemic reality for an island rooted in hospitality. - Generally, in India most yogis and mystics always chose mountain peaks because they were not frequented by people, they were safe places.

Tweeted by @Nixachar - In direct contrast to Hindutva, Nath yogis have historically obtained power by emphasising their porous religious boundaries.

Tweeted by @SwayamShaswat - Awareness IS the Self. Awareness, Shiva, is the soul of the world. -The Shiva Sutras of Vasugupta Thus identifying individual awa...

Tweeted by @shibumigido - Looking to gain knowledge about the ancient language of Sanskrit and take your practice to a deeper level? This is the place to begin.

Tweeted by @yogawithkatieg - Hello again, fellow yoga nerd! …No offense intended! Buuuuut if you’re reading this, there’s probably at least a nugget of truth in

Tweeted by @KrishaMitraDas - Six fundamental facts most yogis today don't know! Revised version of the controversial post which finally unveils the truth (from the traditional perspective, anyway) about the subtle energy cen…

Tweeted by @yungsulani - Breathwork experts describe the box breathing technique used by U.S. Navy SEALs to immediately calm the nervous system.

Tweeted by @DrPFrance - Sculpt your arms outside of the weight room with these six poses.

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