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Selected News Stories - This essay presents aspects of idealism and pragmatism in various philosophical systems of Hinduism. - This essay is about idealism in Hinduism according to various schools of Hindu philosophy with specific reference to Vedanta. - Philosophy should be conversation, not dogma – face-to-face talk about our place in the cosmos and how we should live

Tweeted by @neurosocialself - In an era when American's don't seem to know what reality is anymore, we need some deep thinkers to explain what is real and what is not.

Tweeted by @philosophylinks - Here’s an opportunity for those who would like an introduction to Socrates to get a generous taste of the life and ideas of this illustrious man and renowned philosopher.

Tweeted by @AraceliRego - The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius is one of the most popular works of philosophy among general readers. It is a ‘philosophical’ work in the very general sense of being a series of reflections on…

Tweeted by @Khulgen_N - Yoga is a great way to stretch your body and get moving! Try these energizing yoga poses in the morning and get ready for the day ahead.

Tweeted by @PeteJac35148201 - YouTuber Chase Barron challenged himself to practice yoga every day for 30 days. Here's what he learned after he finished the month of yoga.

Tweeted by @tdidraevolve - Kindness is such an important attribute and as important as it is, we often forget to practice it with ourselves first. It is interesting to note that there is no love without kindness, and so, if…

Tweeted by @Thekookoorere - Learn about the symptoms of anxiety, including when they might occur, what causes them, and what you can be do about them. Find out also how an anxiety attack differs from a panic attack and how to r…

Tweeted by @EmerusHoldings - The language of power reassures and obfuscates. Rather than communicate ideas, it’s a tool that enables the overclass to impart self-serving platitudes that intentionally trigger associations with th…

Tweeted by @AntoniaMarrero - How can we define ‘a love of wisdom’ in a way that not only enables philosophy as a discipline to hold academic weight but tells us why it ought to be more widespread in all levels of education?

Tweeted by @DerrickThaDJ - In the long line of thinkers before Ayn Rand, there were others—including Thomas Reid—who groped toward an objective basis of knowledge and morality. - What’s a better way to understand human psychology – ‘I think, therefore I am’ or ‘A person is a person through other persons’?

Tweeted by @IgorBrigadir - Skepticism and imagination were valued by Albert Einstein, and those traits can be valuable when managing personal finance today.

Tweeted by @AlphonZ - We're still far away from a cure for Alzheimer's disease, but researchers are finding that these activities can help patients feel calmer and happier.

Tweeted by @ruthhill74 - The risks of a pain in the neck and how to manage it Greater Kashmir | A pain in the neck happens to be the fourth leading cause of disability globally, lagging behind ischemic heart disease, cerebro…

Tweeted by @SalmanK45657351 - I’m throwing in my lot with the poets and painters, the novelists and songwriters.

Tweeted by @Saodionisio - Philosopher John Gray explains why we’re doing it wrong and we should live more like cats. (Dogs, not so much.)

Tweeted by @charlottejee - Stories that caught my eye today including the Equality Act and Planned Parenthood's abortion count. - The genre-bending Netflix thriller Behind Her Eyes explores some elements of lucid dreaming and astral projection, but are such things possible? - Education systems around the world are increasingly recognising the value of local approaches to thinking, learning and being.

Tweeted by @Capt_Scarlett - Author and speaker Mark Crowley explains how great leaders use their data-driven business mindsets and tap into a kind of intuition that transcends the instinctive, gut-based one to be successful.

Tweeted by @BrianKiely2 - In 10th-century Baghdad, readers of Arabic had about the same degree of access to Aristotle that readers of English do today

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