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Your Life As a Hindu

Life as a Hindu

Not a day passes without we seeing a lot of negative information that is being spread about Hinduism by the social media, news media, and vested interests who want to present Hinduism in a negative light. As editors we have to screen a lot of dirt people try to bring to surface about Hinduism using whatever gimmicks they have learned about the social networks. Since we have to rely upon the internet for each edition, we have to spend a lot of time to separate the propaganda and misinformation from truth. Still some news misses our attention and may reach you. Lot of Hindus do not seem to care about their religion, but we know what kind of danger the religion and the community are currently facing in this age from organized religious propaganda and affluent organizations that want Hinduism to evaporate into History. We have been trying our best to put up a brave front and fighting these elements. However, we are not sure without public support how long a few individuals here and there can carry the flag of Hinduism. We are very much discouraged by the attitude and apathy shown by a majority of Hindus so far towards the few brave souls who take up its cause. There are a lot of rich and influential Hindus out there, but they are caught up in their own greed and selfishness and not seeing the larger picture. We are still hopeful that people will awaken soon to the truth about the precarious situation through which Hinduism has been passing and stand for their beliefs before it is too late. Wake up Hindus, you have slept enough. Stop worshiping demi-gods for materialistic ends and be part of the revival, which Swami Vivekananda wanted to see in independent India. He died a hundred years ago, and here we are, just quoting him, but never truly folloiwng his vision or wisdom. Rediscover the soul of your tradition, your culture and your identity before it is completely undermined and destroyed. Think of your children, the coming generations, and their future. ´╗┐India will be a servile nation without its distinct culture and identity.


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